Is Users Online Plugin available

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Vielen dank.
  • Hello,

    I am not sure if this is the correct website / plugin developer for asking this:

    I have a Plugin on my forum which is named Users Online , and the Plugin Developer is user online Zeit.

    Is this plugin yours?

    Is it compatible with Woltlab Forum Suite 5.2?

    Would appreciate any information you can give me regarding this plugin.

    Thank you!


  • Cyperghost

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  • Yes, I'm the plugin developer and this plugins is compatible with the WSC5.2 / WSF5.2 in the version 3.1.0

    Thank you Cyperghost for answering my question.

    I have one other question regarding this plugin:

    On my forum I have set "permissions" so that only a few specific parts of my forum can be accessed (viewed) by Visitors who arrive at my site (NOT logged in).

    I have tried to set "Users Online" Plugin so that is appears on the Dashboard Page of my forum. The Dashboard Page is my Landing Page.

    However, I have noticed that when arriving at my site - as a "visitor" - the Users Online Data does not appear - it will appear on the Dashboard Page if I click on one or more of the other available Menu Items, then coming back to the Dashboard Page, the Users Online Data can be seen.

    Why do you think it functions in this manner?

    You can see this if you go to my forum (there is no need to Register to see what I have mentioned above).


  • Hello Cyperghost ,

    The settings I referred to are those in the forum ACP, in Users> User Groups> Everyone and also Guests (I checked that these two groups can view "Users Online List", and, "Can View Statistics". In the ACP, APPS > Forums, I have set "permissions" for just a few Categories and Forums to be viewed by "Everyone" and Guests" - most I have set to "Deny"

    However, it has occurred to me that possibly I have confused your plugin "User Online" with another plugin that you previously had, which is no longer available for purchase (Users Online) - the current plugin I have from you is User Online Zeit 3.1 .0.

    This is for the time spent viewing threads and forums while logged in - correct?

    Additionally, I have a Plugin (by another developer: noexcept) which provides for several detailed Forum Statistics .

    I am wondering if perhaps there may be a conflict between Plugins?


  • Oh, then I misunderstand you.

    No, the plugin users online is not from me. User online zeit ist From me. And my Plugin count the time how long a user is on in this forum and display that.

    But I know the plugin you mean, and i think it will not development anymore for the new WSC.

    Because the WSC had a box that called user online, that is a system box, you can configure that over that ACP under content->boxes who finde the box and if you edit them you can change the permission of this box.
    I hope that is was you searching.

  • Hello Cyperghost,

    Thank you for your reply., and to clear up the issue regarding the Plugins I have.

    Sometimes a person can have too many Plugins on their forum - and I think that is the case with me.

    I really believe one of the Plugins I have is in conflict with another Plugin on my forum because even though I have disengaged the Plugin which controls "Statistics", sometimes it actually duplicates itself (two of the same thing in the Footer at he same time).

    And the disappearing "Users Online statistic" is now working again as of earlier today- it is again appearing in the Footer of my Dashboard.

    So that tells me there must be some "conflict" going on.

    Anyway, thanks again for your reply - and I don't think keeping your Plugin active on my forum is going to cause any problems because its function is different from the "Statistics" Plugin function and the Users Online Plugin.


  • No problem. If you I have any issues or question, ask.

    Hello Cyperghost,

    I logged back in from just a few minutes ago because I received a reply from Black Rider (regarding this same issue).
    He told me it isn't due to any conflict between Plugins (regarding the "Users Online Statistic" Plugin - the action I see is normal),

    but rather it is due to the way Woltlab has implemented the core function of their forum software.

    However, as for "Statistics", that is a separate issue.

    I probably will eventually get it worked out to my satisfaction.